What we do

Mission: ASRI Kids is a program, inspired by a friendship, to teach the kids of East Kalimantan, Indonesia about the rainforest they call home.

In 2011 sisters Ana Sofia and Lucia traveled with their family to Kalimantan where their mom was volunteering at ASRI Clinic in rurual Sukadana (www.healthinharmony.org). Throughout the six week long adventure the girls became friends with the local kids of Sukadana. During their last few weeks in Kalimantan the girls took a trip to the local Tanjung Puting National Park only two hours away from Sukadana. The National Park is visited by thousands of tourists a year and is home to thousands of different plant and animal species unique to Borneo. Although the national ark is protected the area around the park and even some areas within it are being logged and used for palm oil plantations. ASRI Kids was started when Ana Sofia and Lucia realized that their friends who lived so close had never visited the park that bordered their home. With help from their mother, friends, family, and clinic staff the program was started in 2012. It was an afterschool program over the course of six weeks in which 30 kids from Sukadana learned about their rainforest and the danger it is in. Then at the end of the six weeks eleven students where chosen to leave their family for the first time to visit the park. 

This year ASRI Kids is expanding to all the schools around the Gunung Palung National Park. to find out more go to http://asrikids.tumblr.com/goals !